Fitness isn’t one size fits all.


Each body is different. So, we aren't your cookie-cutter, around the clock, fitness chain. Blueprint is YOUR gym. Tailored to you, customized by us.


So all you see are REAL results. 


Whatever you want them to be.


Here you will find some of our members stories and the results they have achieved, using the Blueprint that was right for THEM. 


Expecting & New Moms

Did you know we work with both pregnant and postpartum moms?

Here is Sophia’s story:


“I am currently 11 weeks postpartum and although I worked out until just before my son was born at 41 weeks, it is still a process to recover and heal. At 6 weeks postpartum I started doing what are called functional progressions to ease my way back into working out.


At 8 weeks, I started doing more and so on. My motto is, “slow is fast”. I am really trying to be patient with myself and my body to allow a FULL recovery. That means slow now and fast later. I am focusing on rehabbing my diastases to reconnect my abdomen- this takes a lot of time. Some heal faster than others so I just listen to my body with each movement.” 


Lowered Cholesterol 

It’s a family affair with Ray - but he has achieved some amazing results in the past 11 months at Blueprint! Here is Ray’s Story:



“Blueprint’s lead trainer, Michael, is my son, which is why we first joined. But, we have since found Blueprint is the FIRST place my wife and I have felt that we have a tailored fitness program designed just FOR US based on our age, abilities, and the progress we make. 


We couldn’t be happier with their approach - not a one-size-fits-all - but a SPECIFIC Blueprint solution for each of us.”



“As a member, not only do you have access to the most modern facilities and fitness equipment, but you have people who REALLY care about your progress from Day 1, and help you reach your future goals - strength, movement, balance and the many other facets of fitness - but tailored to OUR needs.”



“Working out 3-4 times each week, for the past 11 months, my Cholesterol is below 200, for the first time in 15 years. My checkup with my doctor 2 months ago I am now at 144 cholesterol score. My wife’s bone density has now improved 7-10% in the same time period. These are truly measurable results.

Thank you Michael, and Blueprint.”

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We Are Fitness That Moves YOU.   


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